Challenge: Create a minute and a half long video bringing awareness to the worldwide decline in honeybee populations.
Tasks: Motion graphic design, Illustration, Storyboarding, Character design, Research
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
Timeline: March 2018
Audience: Children (Ages 9-12), Young Adults (Ages 18-22), Families, Teachers
Inspiration & Moodboards
While conceptualizing the animation, I wanted to use a bold and flat coloring style to help make my piece more dynamic. To compliment this, I thought of incorporating typefaces that were mono-lined to catch the viewer's eyes quickly when viewing the colorful, moving environments.
Mock-up Frames & Character Design
When stylizing the frames, my main concern was how to depict the honeybee as an appealing and sympathetic character, especially considering that many people have grown to fear bees due to their sting. 
The challenge with my written content was to present my points in an entertaining manner, rather than as a long-winded power point. I achieved this by making each point transition with variations in movement, so as to make each fact visually unique.
Finalizing Assets & Style
At this point I had a clear idea of my desired aesthetics- bright, primary colors that are attractive to a younger audience and create an overall welcoming, fun atmosphere.
As both environmental sustainability and animation are two subjects I have a large interest in, this acted as a fulfilling experience to explore both topics. While animation techniques were challenging to learn and execute, I found myself with a clear vision throughout the whole process.
In the end, my hope is that this video acts as an engaging way to introduce the topic of honeybee population decline to a younger audience and instills further interest in the topic.
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