Personal Greeting Cards
A card I designed and illustrated to hand out to friends and family for college graduation. 
Cards I made around Halloween. I absolutely love dogs, and had them prominently on my mind at this time, since I was planning on getting a lovable furry friend of my own.
Borzoi Stickers
Stickers made to honor my favorite breed. I thought I'd spread some love by offering pocket-sized dogs!
T-shirt Design
As a parting gift, my college dorm held a quick T-shirt design competition. Right away I knew to feature a mustang, the university's mascot. I also chose to make the subject more feminine in appearance to celebrate our all-female dorm. 
In my spare time I enjoy creating digital illustrations, mainly from personal interests such as video games, shows I'm currently interested in, etc.
The work shown above feature characters from Blizzard's Overwatch.
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