Leading the design team for UC Davis’ leading public transportation company, I created branding and graphic materials for long and short term projects while also managing a student graphic design team and communication between company managers.
Team: Morgan Tieu, Samantha Woo, Celina Leong, Allison Hsieh
Company Background: Unitrans is UC Davis' leading public transportation company, acting as a strong 50+ year partnership between the City of Davis and the University of California, Davis. With 50 buses on 18 routes, carrying over 4 million passengers a year, Unitrans remains one of the largest student run transit services in America.
2018-2019 Bus Schedule
Challenge: Design an informational and eye-catching bus schedule to be distributed from July 2019-July 2020 to the 35,000+ UC Davis student population as well as the residents of the City of Davis.
Tasks: Cover illustration, time management, cross department organization, layout design, product distribution
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
Timeline: June 2019 - July 2019
The Cover
While there are multiple elements to this project, the most exciting task is redesigning the cover. I feel that this portion becomes the main way to leave my mark on the company and represent Unitrans to the community in a way I found respectable.
I chose to do an intricate, 2D rendition of the city of Davis to emphasis the connection Unitrans brings to the community. It features real landmarks located around the city and UCD campus in order to provide icons a viewer can interact with during a particularly long transit. 
The Interior
The interior included many icons, tables, maps, and overall text layouts. The overall schedule is 60 pages.
Hiring Materials
Challenge: Create print/digital materials, as well as stickers, to advertise my position being available for the next year.
Tasks: Print & digital production, advertisement, outreach
Tools: Adobe Illustrator
Timeline: May 2019
Uni-ball Fundraising T-Shirt

Uni-ball is the company's annual social event. Along with implementing a Retro 80's theme, the HR department requested our team design a fundraising product to help collect funds for the celebration. I collaborated with my marketing assistant Sam to create this "Walkman" T-shirt. 
Misc. Buttons & Stickers
Buttons made for UCD's annual event. Designs were made by members of my team
Button designed as a welcome gift for workers returning after the Summer.
Stickers designed and produced for the company.
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